We are urgently looking for inns, guesthouses and hotels for our guests!

Does your hotel score points with a great location?
Can you provide tips for excursions in your region?

If you are also happy to welcome bikers and cyclists as guests, then you are exactly the tourenhotel partner we are looking for.

More than 1,000 partner companies have placed their trust in our advertising concept since 1996.

We guarantee an excellent return and first-class advertisements for a small annual fee of only €240 plus VAT. with MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.*according to our terms description


Mit Ihrer tourenhotel Partnerschaft decken Sie 3 für Sie wichtigsten Google- Gastzielgruppen-Platzierungen ab. MOTORRAD + FAHRRAD + FAMILIEN
1 Preis = bis zu 3 Portale!

  • If your detail page counter counts less than 2.000 page views in the first year, we will reimburse your annual contribution. (page views = how often your tourenhotel entry is shown to and viewed by potential customers.)
  • If we do not manage to get your hotel into the top ten hits on Google within four weeks of the Google search request combination "motorbike hotel in xxxx" or "bike hotel in xxxx" (xxxx = name of your location) being activated, we will reimburse your annual contribution. (EXCEPTION: If other tourenhotel partner are located in your area, unfortunately we have no influence over which hotel Google displays. The results displayed by our editorial computer are valid) Note: It goes without saying that your placement ALSO scores hits for such important keyword combinations as "motorbike tour overnight stay in xxxx" or "motorbike-friendly hotels in xxxx", or combinations relating to cycling....and so on.

As you can see, it is a win-win situation if you sign.

  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE *according to our terms description
  • Complete address with telephone number
  • Of course with direct link to your website
  • Incorporation of PDF hotel brochure
  • Incorporation of FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE pages
  • Requests will be forwarded to you directly
  • GROUP REQUESTS: You can respond to guests directly using a special group-request form.
  • QUICKIE: The guest can now also make a direct and binding reservation from on the road using a "quickie". This is a cutting-edge method and therefore increases your highly sought-after booking.com conversion rate.
  • FOUR LANGUAGES: We list your hotel in German, English, Italian and Dutch.
  • It goes without saying that your entry is search-machine optimised based on your content - not LISTING
  • Hits and visits. We inform you about hits and visits to your site.

In addition and at NO EXTRA COST for you:
As a tourenhotel partner company, we are also happy to publish your hotel on request and, most importantly,
at no added cost, in our further special travel portal for cyclists and families. www.Radsport-Hotels.de and/or www.Familien-Hotel-Angebote.de
"But you always decide when, how and which guest target-group portals are used to display your hotel."

€240 per year plus 19% statutory VAT. with MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
*according to our terms description
Contract duration one year from date of registration.
Please send us your registration as a FAX 0049.321.2109.4893

registration form

Our all-round partner service prepares your entry with text and images from your website. You subsequently receive the personal access data for your administration area as well as the annual financial statement for payment.

We are all very excited to welcome you and are looking forward to a successful season working together.

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Jahnstraße 17 / 19
40215 Düsseldorf
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Unterkunft ANMELDEN
Wir suchen dringend Gasthöfe, Pensionen und Hotels für unsere Gäste! Ihr Haus punktet mit einer schönen Lage, Sie können tolle Tips für Ausflüge in Ihrer Region geben?
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Gastronomie ANMELDEN NEU
Nahezu 100% aller Biker müssen auf IhrenTouren ja auch irgendwann mal eine Pause machen. Wir suchen Biergärten, Restaurants, Impbiss und / oder Pub's.
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We are urgently looking for inns, guesthouses and hotels for our guests!